Compiling glibc

In a mixed computing environment, it’s sometimes useful to have heterogeneous machines use the same library collection. For example, when running on a cluster (e.g., managed by condor), software should run regardless of the underlying operating system distribution. My environment required glibc (version 2.15); it took a bit of fiddling to get it to work, […]

Installing ns-2 on Ubuntu 12.04

Recent Ubuntu releases contain many of the prerequisites for ns-2, which can relieve much of ns-2’s installation burden. This post works out the details of such an installation, compiling ns “from all the pieces”, as specified in the ns-2 documentation. The TclCL crunch Whereas it may seem that all important dependencies can be fetched from […]

Quick ns-3 installation on Ubuntu 12.04

ns-3 is a discrete-event network simulator, commonly used to gain insight into dynamics of complex networks. Descriptions here are short, to get you running ns-3 quickly, but further information can be found in the official documentation. Instructions are based the ns-3 installation wiki and the ns-3 tutorial. Installation and build {codecitation style=”brush:bash”} # Install prerequisites for […]